Sunday, June 5, 2011

Report: Purple Carnival 2011

On 4th of April to 5th of April 2011, Purple Carnival was held in the main campus building of CUCMS. The Student Council organized this event to introduce the new elected student representatives (Student Council) for 2011/2012 sessions to the members of Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS). This event was also planned to expose the students to the clubs and societies that existed.  With this event, it is hoped that the students will get to know the Student Council and have a clear picture on the role of Student Council as the mediator between all the clubs and societies in CUCMS.

The Student Council created a theme, “We Care!!”, hoping to fulfill the theme as a student body who will always care about the students. We will be the one standing at the frontline, willingly listening to the students’ voice, caring to know about what they are enduring and most importantly, we will be always there to help. Besides, the theme brings about a second message to be conveyed, which is, as the representative of the students of CUCMS, we care about the world around us, and are prepared to help the world.    

Throughout the carnival, there were a lot of activities that the Student Council prepared for the students:

Pre-Carnival (28th March – 3rd April 2011)
Activities and Games:
· “Capture Moments with Camera” Contest· ‘What Is This?’ and ‘Who Is This?’ Contest

Purple Carnival (4th April 2011 – 5th April 2011)
· Booths   
  I.  Open booths for students’ clubs and societies.
  II. Special booth for Student Council.

· Books Sale by   
  I.   Izzat Publication
  II.  MutiaraKarya
  III. Secondhand medical books

· Games  
  I.  Snake and Ladder
  II. Newspaper SepakTakraw & Futsal

· Question & Answer Session with the Administration Departments

Purple Carnival Night (5th April 2011)

7.45pm – 8.00pm
Arrival of VIPs and Students
8.00pm – 8.05pm
Prayer recitation
8.05pm – 8.15pm
Choir performance by the CUCMS Choir Group (CUCMS Anthem)
8.15pm – 8.20pm
Speech from ‘Purple Carnival’ Director
8.20pm – 8.25pm
Speech from Deputy President of CUCMS
8.25pm – 8.40pm
Student Council Slide Show
8.40pm – 8.45pm
1st Prize giving
8.45pm - 8.55pm

Performance by Pharmacy and MBBS students
8.55pm – 9.00pm
2nd Prize giving
9.00pm – 9.10pm
Performance by Foundation students
9.10pm -9.20pm
Closing of Purple Carnival
9.20pm – 9.45pm
Closing Performance by the MBBS students

Overall, the Purple Carnival event was a success and we have gained a lot of positive feedbacks from the students. 

Thank you to all students who have participated in the activities!




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